I'm Ready For the Industrial Revolution to Be Over

from by The Mammals

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100% OF BANDCAMP PROCEEDS FROM THIS SINGLE will go to support the work of climate and sustainability champions 350.org.

I love how this recording came out. It was done late one night here at Humble Abode Music, in one take, with all of us playing in one room and me singing live with the band. The mix is pretty much "as is," just straight forward and raw, with few overdubs and not too much over-thinking or post-production finesse. I love it. It reminds me of the 4 track recordings I used to make with my friends in some basement in New Hampshire. The limitations are the sound of urgency. And that's what this song is about: limitations and urgency.

Compared to the fossil fuel industry (the wealthiest corporations the world has ever known) our resources are extremely limited. And the urgency with which we must act against the threat of a global climate catastrophe could not be any greater. Many think it's already too late. The most recent reports give us at most 12 years to build a 100% renewable energy infrastructure and still have a shot at averting an irreversible climate catastrophe. Which is why we're donating 100% of the money raised from this song to 350.org and their tireless efforts to organize, energize and mobilize the citizens of earth for the fight for our future. The fight for our survival. Maybe someday I'll work for these folks full time. In the meantime I will sing their praises loudly, urgently, and regardless of limitations. Because, as I've learned, the greatest resource we have is us.

You can read more about them below or by visiting 350.org.

From the video “Climate Change is About Power”

Our fight against climate change is a battle over power.
But not only the type of power that runs our cars or keeps our buildings warm.
We have to take back the power that the fossil fuel industry has over society.
Fossil fuel companies are the wealthiest and most powerful corporations on the planet
And their core business model threatens all of us
For decades they have corrupted our governments
Ravaged our planet
And treated the atmosphere like an open sewer
While the impacts of climate change devastate the people who have done the least to cause The problem.
We believe in a sustainable and prosperous future which is socially just and economically fair.
Our mission is to inspire train and mobilize people to bring power back to Citizens and create a thriving global climate movement.
to put the heat on the fossil fuel industry
Drive our leaders to act and create the climate solutions the world needs
We will confront the power of the fossil fuel industry, dismantling their social license
Stopping their projects on the ground
We will also continue to work locally with communities affected, supporting those responding to climate disasters and working to promote investment Towards community based sustainable initiatives and renewable energy Projects.
We will keep targeting and pressuring local and national governments to Take action on reducing emmisons.
But we need everybody
No matter where you live there are ways to plug in
Whether it’s joining our campaigns online
Organizing for climate action in your community
Or joining a mass mobilization
To move beyond fossil fuel and to a clean energy future
There’s room for everyone in this growing movement
Together we can create a new kind of power
Join us.

350.org was founded in 2008 by a group of university friends in the United States along with author Bill McKibben, who wrote one of the first books on global warming for the general public, with the goal of building a global climate movement. 350 was named after 350 parts per million -- the safe concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

Their first actions were global days of action that linked activists and organizations around the world, including the International Day of Climate Action in 2009, the Global Work Party in 2010, Moving Planet in 2011. 350 quickly became a planet-wide collaboration of organizers, community groups and regular people fighting for the future.

Today 350 works on grassroots campaigns across the globe: from opposing coal plants and mega-pipelines, to building renewable energy solutions and cutting financial ties of the fossil fuel industry. All of our work leverages people power to dismantle the influence and infrastructure of the fossil fuel industry.

Some of thier proudest moments of recent years include campaigns against Keystone XL and Dakota Access in the United States, stopping fracking in hundreds of cities and states in Brasil, joining historic grassroots mobilizations before and after the Paris Climate Agreement was signed, and pushing hundreds of universities, foundations, cities and churches to divest from fossil fuels.



When I look in the mirror, friends, I know what I see
A disillusioned optimist who wants badly to be free
And many living in this world fight desperately to free it
If you don’t see the change you need you best step up and be it
I’m just a kid from a college town by the ocean next to Dover
And I’m ready for the industrial revolution to be over

Well, the writing’s on the wall and the cracks are in the levee
An empire will always fall from being too top heavy
And Bill McKibben knows the number we must all obey
350 parts per million or we’ll all be washed away
This world’s our only home unless you own a space rover
So I’m ready for the industrial revolution to be over

The industrial revolution burns the past to fuel the present
And after 100 years of this it’s pretty damn unpleasant
There's a sun that’s burning in the sky and it truly is a star
To shine down on every one of us no matter who you are
And I long to see my grandkids running care free in the clover
So I’m ready for the industrial revolution to be over


from I'm Ready For the Industrial Revolution To Be Over, released March 14, 2019
released December 20, 2018
Mike Merenda: guitar, vocals
Ruth Ungar Merenda: fiddle, vocal, SK-5
Konrad Meissner: drums
Jacob Silver: bass
Ken Maiuri: keys

Recorded by Adam Armstrong at Humble Abode Music, West Hurley, NY. Mixed by Mike Merenda at Humble Abode Music.


all rights reserved



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