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by The Mammals

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    Bonus disk includes: 1) Hangman's Reel (trad.) 2) All the Things (R. Ungar) 3) Let Me Die In My Footsteps (B. Dylan) 4) Something's Got a Hold On Me (E. James) 5) Four Blue Walls (R. Ungar)

    Includes unlimited streaming of Nonet via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.
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Coming Down Off Summer (R. Ungar) We’ve been waltzin’ down the highways Now i’m waltzing here with you Same two eyes are lookin' my way Same old things we used to do Now what would we do if time stood still in a warm embrace? Well, it never will. Honey on the back of my tongue lately Tears in my eyes like a waterfall It’s carved upon my heart ornately The last sweet sounds of the curtain call What would we do if time stood still for a standing O? Well, it never will (chorus) Comin’ down off summer, comin’ down off fall All I got’s a handful of festival laminates hangin’ on my wall Comin down off summer, walkin’ ‘round my town Sayin’ “hi” to the neighbors, tellin’ em we’ll be around at least for a while In case they didn’t notice the epic woodpile Smoke signals sailin’ south Am I the rebel or the good child? All grown up and playin’ house Now what would we do if time stood still in the mornin’ light? Well, it never will. Chorus
Radio Signal 04:48
Radio Signal (M. Merenda) There’s a wind and it blows on by And there’s surely answers in it To those who hoist up their kites Well, they’re bound to get caught up in it (chorus) And I roll and I roll Down the backroads of my soul Lookin' for light like a radio signal Lookin' for light like a radio signal To the bird up there in the air All my cares are up there with you And your soul is everywhere To explain this I cannot begin to (chorus) There’s a town down by the end of the road And some people trapped there in it I guess they were never told to start a journey you must first begin it (chorus) There’s a mountain, stands by the sea And it’s bound to fall down in it Just like you once said to me: “Here’s your tea spoon let’s start diggin’.” (chorus)
What It All Is (M. Merenda) I go down to Washington town I watch them monuments grow Not in size but in legend Guess we can still pretend None of us really know what we know Still I got a friend buried in Arlington I guess you get one of ‘em, too? Who died fightin’ in a war We’re still not sure what for Maybe oil? I guess that might be true. (chorus) How long, babe, do we go on living like this? How long, babe, til we realize what it all is? What is all is. They say follow money, you catch the thief, honey And it led me straight to you And some still believe you’re commander-in-chief But I know who you answer to I don’t own no munitions plant I don’t own no factory farm But I been told them seeds you sow Some come back and do you harm. (chorus) Out in the forest there’s a beautiful chorus Teemin’ from every tree And it’s all been here far longer than you It’ll all be here long after me Time is a weapon time is yr best friend Time is what you make of it Time made nature, made every last creature I can’t stand by idly while we’re breakin’ it (chorus)
If You Could Hear Me Now (M. Merenda) If you could hear me now, if you could hear me somehow If you could hear the words that i’m thinkin’ ‘Bout a world on fire Good thoughts lost in the mire And it seems like no one’s listenin’ If you could see me now, if you could see me somehow if you could see the world where we’re livin’ Where the money’s in charge And the black coal barge And there’s no more fish to be fishin’ If you could hear me now, if you could hear me somehow If you could hear what my soul is screamin' That we are one In the land of the sun And there’s no more fear of dreamin’ If you could know me now, If you could know me somehow If you could know the pain that I’m feelin’ If you know my heart ’s Bein’ torn apart By the way good folks is treated If could see me now, if you could see me somehow If you could see the things that i’m seein’ That the people win And prosper in the end And leave somethin’ to believe in If you could hear me now, if you could hear me somehow if you could hear the thoughts that I’m spinnin’ That time is short, By any report And there’s more to do than singin’ If you know me now, if you know me somehow If you know the things that I’m readin’ That peace is stalled Without prosperity for all Let the flowers and the the weeds in If you hear me now, if you hear me somehow if you hear the words that I’m hopin’ That we win the race Against time and space And the whole world is wide open
Beyond Civilization (M. Merenda) I had a dream that I was flying above a penitentiary Me and my friends risin’ up above it and we were free I woke up I was mistaken, I was choking on my frustration Was tryin’ to get back to that destination beyond civilization. I woke up I ate my breakfast, couldn’t think of what to do next I sat there in contemplation trying to wrap my brain around all this desecration And just when my hope was gone I looked out on the lawn Saw the birds takin’ off in formation they were beyond civilization. Then I dreamed that I was gone but I wasn’t really gone I was just down there in the soil with all my grandkids tramplin’ on. There was laughin’ and singin’, there was joy and elation And I believe that they made it beyond civilization I had a dream that I was flying above a penitentiary Me and my friends risin’ up above it and we were free
California 02:57
California (R. Ungar) Let’s have a party California style With fresh cut flowers and fruit right from the vine Gonna write some letters to some friends of mine Tell ‘em all to come down here for a while (chorus) Come on down (come on down) to California Feel the warm air on your skin Come on down, come on down to California Everybody come on in Now there’s a softness in the woods at night A mystery slidin’ through the trees And then the promise of a golden day As the sunshine warms the ocean breeze Chorus See where the mountains meet the sky I never wanna say goodbye Chorus
Someone’s Hurting (R. Ungar) Darkness cuts a deep path on the day that the rains came It’s gonna take your best intentions and wash ‘em all away Unspoken desire is just fuel for the fire If I could read your mind what would it say? You and me are just creatures, creatures of the moment Little wildflowers on the hillside stretching for the sun And in the middle of disaster hearts beat faster And when fortune rains upon us our walk becomes a run. (chorus) When it feels so good, like you’re walkin’ on air You know that someone’s hurtin’ somewhere And it’s understood with a toss of your hair You know that someone’s hurtin’ somewhere Now we talk about the privilege of the people who look like me How our worries are the size of a nickel in the big wishing well If someone wants to shoot me well I bet they wouldn’t run free And we wouldn’t be talkin’ about how I brought it on myself (chorus) Oh and I, I wanna be the one you call when it’s not alright (chorus)
You Can Come To My House (M. Merenda) You can come to my house, hide out in the basement, Bitch about the White House, whatever’s on your mind You can come to my house, we can make arrangements Go out and pound the pavement then come on back to my house You can come to my house, ain’t much to write home about Chuck a mattress in the corner try to get some sleep You can come to my house in between the roadhouses In between the highway miles you come to my house My house ain’t big baby my house ain’t clean Ain’t exactly a pigsty but you know what I mean I’ll cook you up some dinner just tell me what you eat Don’t worry about the dishes in the morning just strip the sheet You can come to my house you can pick some records out Coffee in the cupboard and the whisky on the shelf You can come to my house, I’ll try to keep the children out Of your hair in the morning, you come to my house.
East Side West Side (R. Ungar) I’m singin’ from the North side to the South side We could be stronger than ever before I’m singin’ from the East side to the West side From the shore to the shinin’ shore Keep a-walkin’ on a good path ‘round the big world Come back and tell me what you found We can fight or we can wrestle with the details But we’re standin’ on common ground If this land is your land, if this land is mine Then let’s not leave it dirty for the ones that come behind It’s ours to care for and it’s ours to share We’ve all gotta drink the water and we’ve all gotta breathe the air (chorus) We don’t have to agree on everything and that’s ok But let’s agree on something and make a better day I’m not sayin that we’re better, not lookin' for a boast or a brag But I’d like to feel proud when I look up at that flag (chorus) My country tis of thee sweet land of liberty Close minded bigotry, open hostility So stand or take a knee, just join your hands with me Let freedom ring, come on, let me hear you sing. (chorus)
You Gotta Believe (M. Merenda) All the good deeds goin’ unsung More than all the good songs that have passed through my lungs All the pretty sun sets all the pretty leaves There’s a lot of good out there you just got to believe I live my life like the glass is half full That half, baby, I give to you All of the money can’t buy back the peace My peace to you, you can have that for free (chorus) Believe it a lot, believe it a little Believe it in your soul, believe it in your middle Believe it again and believe it some more Maybe we are the ones that we’ve been waiting for (chorus)


released May 22, 2020

The Mammals “Nonet” band is:

Ruth Ungar: fiddle, guitar, ukulele, vocals
Mike Merenda: guitar, banjo (6), vocals
Konrad Meissner: drums
Lee Falco: drums
Jacob Silver: upright & electric bass
Brandon Morrison: electric bass, baritone guitar, high-strung guitar, vocals
Ken Maiuri: piano, Wurlitzer, high-strung guitar, vocals
Will Bryant: Hammond organ, clavinet, vocals
Charlie Rose: pedal steel, banjo (7 & 9), vocals

w/ special guests
Lindsay Lou: vocals (1)
Kate Pierson: vocals (7)
Connor Kennedy, Jayla Kai Smith, Gail Ann Dorsey, Zach Djanikian, Joan Henry: vocals (9)
Will Puck Merenda: handclaps (9)

All songs © 2020 M. Merenda / R. Ungar, Shake Sugaree Music, ASCAP

Recorded by Adam Armstrong at The Clubhouse, Rhinebeck, NY and Humble Abode Music, West Hurley, NY

Mixed by Adam Armstrong except “Coming Down Off Summer,” “Radio Signal,” and “Someone’s Hurtin” mixed by Paul Antonell & Shubham Mondal; “Beyond Civilization" and “You Gotta Believe” mixed by Mike Merenda

Mastered by Greg Calbi at Sterling Sound

Graphic Design by Carly James at Bison Bookbinding & Letterpress

Photography by Tom Eberhardt-Smith

Thank You:
Adam Armstrong, Daniel Quinn, Mother Earth, our generous patrons (especially Tim & Wendy Hunt), Paul Antonell & Shubham Mondal, the Freshgrass Foundation, our loving families (especially Willy & Opal, Carly James, David Beauchamp, Matt Greenhill and the FLi team, Stephanie Hudacek and the Soundly team, Ovi Horta, and all the Hoot Heroes.

Nonet was made possible in part by a grant from the FreshGrass Foundation Album Fund freshgrass.org


all rights reserved



The Mammals West Hurley, New York

"Some of the best folk-rock music you will ever hear.” - TapeOp

“The Mammals tell stories that are at once topical and timeless, bearing a message of hope and empowerment with a modern string-band sound.” - FreshGrass Festival ... more

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